Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where is my order?
A: Several factors affect turnaround times including factors such as whether an order is laser engraved, time of year, order volume, etc. An estimated time is always published on the Order Info page of the website and is usually stated when I confirm your order.  

*NEW: Please check out the order status page

Q: Why does it take so long to get my order?
A: Every item is custom made to order, one at a time, in the order it was received. Otis Leather is a one-man operation. From order taking and processing, production, shipping and receiving, janitorial, maintenance, advertising, web design, etc, I do it all. There is a plurality (we, us,etc.) when you read descriptions on the website, but it’s just me, John, doing everything. In these days of buy it now, get it tomorrow, I understand that patience isn’t easy when shopping online. I will always do my best to make sure that your patience is rewarded with a high quality product that was made for you not pulled out of a bin and shoved in a box.

Q: Have you shipped my order yet?
A: Shipping is done via USPS. Your email on file is entered when the label is created and you should get an email directly from USPS with tracking info. Be sure to check your spam folder.

Q: It’s December 15th, can I still get something in time for Christmas?
A: Sorry, but I cannot get something out that quickly. Typically, the Christmas cutoff date is sometime around the first of December. Wait times in the peak of Christmas and hunting season can exceed 4 weeks.

Q: Where does the name Otis Leather Company come from?
A: In 2001, my fiancé and I were looking for a new dog. Several breeds interested us, but something about a Labrador Retriever was intriguing. We found a breeder close by and went to “just look”. That’s where we found Otis. Obviously “just looking” went out the window and brought home the dog that would change everything for us. We joined a local retriever club and began to chase hunt tests all over Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Someone in our club found out that I did leather work as a hobby and asked if I would make a few things for a raffle. When people started asking me what I charged for leashes I would politely say that I didn’t make them for anyone else. Almost always they would tell that they would buy some if I changed my mind.