Customizations and Add-ons
At Otis Leather, we want every customer always gets exactly what they want.  That's why we always take notice when customers ask for a customizations that fit their particular hunting style or conditions. Included here are some of the customizations that our customers often ask for, as well as some of the ones we have offered all along. Otis Leather is committed to you and your hunting heritage.

Strap Hanger 
     Make your strap more versitile with a blind hanger option.  (For 6 loop, 8 loop, 12 loop and L'Anguille straps)  
Halter Snap
Scissor Snap
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​Engravable Brass Plate
Chest Strap

Laser Engraving

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Font Choice
Text to be engraved
Text to be laser engraved

$14-$21 depending on options below
For more information about laser engraving click HERE
​*** Please select PREMIUM for Turkey, Guide and Super Guide straps
**Select premium engraving for the Duck Background and L'Anguille Lounge Special, and L'Anguille Lounge Special with Duck Background
Keeps your strap full of birds on your shoulder for those long walks out of the marsh
*Max 4 letters suggested
**Please note, if you order the Guide Strap or Super Guide Strap, a strap hanger is included in the price of the strap.  
**Plate will be attached on the end of strap unless otherwise requested
**Please note, the Duck Background engraving is not compatible with the strap hanger option